KATALOG: Meta.Morf 2024 – EE #4, 2023 : ART AFTER AI

Welcome to the fourth issue of EE Journal, where we explore the topic of “Art after AI.” As artificial intelligence continues to transform various industries, it’s only natural to question its impact on the art world. Will AI fundamentally change the way we create and experience art? In this issue, we dive into these provocative questions and examine the challenges of using AI to create experimental art. How do we reconcile the tension between art created by human hands and that created by algorithms? And what happens to the concept of authenticity in the digital age, especially as we continue to witness the proliferation of AI-generated art in the market?

EE: Experimental Emerging Art Magazine is an independent art magazine edited by Stahl Stenslie (NO) and Zane Cerpina (NO/LV). The fourth issue “Art after AI” is supported and financed by TEKS – Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre. Published by TEKS.press.

Titel: EE #4, 2023 : ART AFTER AI

Redaktører: Stahl Stenslie and Zane Cerpina

Årstall 2023

Språk Engelsk

Forlag: TEKS.press

kr 100

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